Our Project


To create an automated glucose feeding system based on continuous glucose monitoring that will allow for constant maintenance of euglycemia (normal glucose levels) in the neonatal premature infant.

In order to achieve this, we require the use of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and a PID controller.

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

  1. We utilize a DEXCOM G5 continuous Bluetooth glucose monitor in our prototype.

  2. The sensor has a small needle that is placed just under the skin. This needle monitors, in five minute intervals, a patient’s blood glucose levels (mg/dL), and stores/graphs the values over time.

    • This method has been approved for the FDA for use in clinical settings.

Our PID Controllers

  • PID: Proportional, Integral, Derivative.

  • A PID control loop feedback mechanism used to control a process, usually a process which involves a differential equation.

  • Our system is based upon a first order differential equation, and is smooth enough that we can neglect the addition of the derivative term.

    • With great assistance from Dr. Keith Levein, our PI controller has been implemented in MATLAB.

Controller Output


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